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  • Corporate name: Cooperativa Agroindustrial de Servicios Múltiples de Productores de Palma Aceitera R.L.
  • Trade name: Coopeagropal R.L.

Company Profile

Cooperative of Costa Rican capital founded in 1986, dedicated to the production and marketing of Vegetable Oils and Fats derived from palm oil.

Our main factory is located in Roble de Laurel, Corredores, Puntarenas. Furthermore, it features two distribution centers to deliver finished products and bulk raw materials to Pérez Zeledón and Coyol de Alajuela municipalities.


Raw Materials Bulks: Oil Palm Derivatives in presentation Bulks (Gráneles ™) for use and applications in the food industry, chemical oil, cosmetics and for the food industry for animal consumption.

  • Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
  • RBD palm olein
  • Palm stearin (POS)
  • Palm Coquito Oil (PKO)
  • Palm Fatty Acid
  • Fat Surplus palm

Packaged oils Palm olein: Vegetable oil with no Trans fat or cholesterol, ideal for cooking and frying. It is also used in the baking industry, as a food ingredient and in other vegetable oil blends. It is characterized by its high product yield, as well as for not leaving residual flavors or odors in food. It also drains completely from itself to avoid excessive greasiness in the final product. Palm olein is refined, bleached and deodorized, and obtained from dry fractionation with controlled cooling and filtration of RBD palm olein. It is free of Trans fatty acids.

Palm oil vegetable shortening: Vegetable oil free of Trans fats, with no cholesterol, ideal for cooking, frying, and used in the baking industry.  Obtained through the process of mixing palm oil and refined, bleached and deodorized palm stearin.

Industrial palm oil vegetable margarines: Margarines with a palm oil base used for the manufacture of cakes, cookies, bakery products in general and for the food industry. They are a stabilized emulsification of a vegetable oil blend in water (with no palm oil-based hydrogenation), in which additives are added to improve stability and functional characteristics.


  1. Food Safety Certification (FSSC 22000)
  2. KOSHER Certification
  3. Rainfore Alliance
  4. Essential Costa Rica

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