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  • Corporate name: Cooperativa de Productores Agropecuarios de la Zona Norte R.L. (Coopeproagro R.L.)
  • Trade name: Eco Sweet Organic Pineapples

Company Profile

Coopeproagro R.L. is a cooperative founded by 23 farmers specialized in the production of ecological, organic or biological pineapples. Located in the North Zone of Costa Rica, it has its own production areas. The key to our success has been the conglomeration of the experience of all our associates in a technical package with the latest technology to produce the sweetest organic pineapple in the world. The ecological and nutritional balance of our plantations allow the fruit to reach unparalleled levels of sweetness, aroma and essence. We have production the whole year.


  • Fresh Organic Pineapple: fresh organic pineapple is offered in boxes of 12 kgs. In Calibres from #6 to #12.
  • Organic Packaged Pineapple: Presentation of organic pineapple chunks packed in its own juice 100% natural and without preservatives.
  • Dehydrated or Powdered Organic Pineapple: Our fruit with all its sweetness presented in dehydrated form in flakes or powder.


  • Global Gap
  • Organic certifications for the European Community regulations
  • National regulations of Costa Rica

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