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  • Corporate Name: Importadora de Empaques Mundiales, S.A.
  • Trade Name: Importadora de Empaques Mundiales, S.A.

Company Profile 

Importadora de Empaques Mundiales is a 100% Costa Rican capital company that was created with the intention of providing customers with a wide range of products in a single supplier, allowing them to find a solution to their requirements and needs.
We have been characterized by bringing innovative products in the packaging sector year after year as well as in equipment in order to generate savings in all production processes.
The main axis of our service is to help our clients in the fulfillment of their processes and productive improvements.
Our work team is committed to collaborating in the needs of our clients making them ours.
We have globally recognized brands to meet the needs. Additionally, we work closely with the international market with high support over the years, allowing our customers to have FDA and ISO certified products.


  •  Plastic for palletizing without cardboard center:  Novel plastic that has greater load containment, because it is made with latest technology resins. In addition to this, it generates savings, since having no center, the whole roll is used. It comes with a special dispenser suitable to avoid lumbar problems.
  • Adhesive tapes: Wide variety of tapes with hot melt adhesive, especially for export, acrylic, printed, for paper demarcation and security, guaranteeing the customer, a product for every need within your company. ‘’Shurtape’’ is our brand of American origin with high standards with FDA and ISO certifications.
  • PET strapping: A product aimed at securing your cargo for international or national transportation. An innovative way to secure your loads and protect your product, helping the environment, as it is made from recycled material. With a high level of resistance in control and load stabilization.


  • Todos los productos cuentan con certificación ISO

Contact Information

Phone: (506) 2525-0263 / (506) 2524-0257 / (506) 2253-4437 

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