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  • Corporate name: Etiqueta Impresas ETIPRES S.A.    
  • Trade name:  ETIPRES

Company Profile

In ETIPRES we are specialists in the labeling industry with innovative capacity and experience, together with the best technology, allowing to offer global labels for different applications, as well as products associated with the printing industry.

We have a great human talent prepared and committed to guarantee total satisfaction, willing to provide advice and support to our business partners in each of the different stages of the shopping experience and ensuring excellent after-sales service.


Label Design and Manufacturing

The label design and manufacturing process is carried out in a sustainable manner with high quality standards and continuous innovation, generating new developments and homologation of products that meet the requirements of the commercial partners; allowing to establish relationships at a global level with varied and specialized markets.

Specialized Labels

At ETIPRES we offer innovative options that allow our business partners to be pioneers of the markets in which they are developed, so that they always stay at the top of their field. Our labels respond to different requirements as they are: those resistant to high temperatures, conductive of electricity, resistant to solvents and chemicals, safety, special seals and evidence of violation, for humidity and cold with specialty in the food industry, for extreme labeling conditions, specialty in electronics and UL, pharmaceutical and personal care, special finishes and holography and special FDA certification, process traceability among other functionalities.

Other products

We have available products associated to the field of printing for different applications such as Thermal Printers, DNP Ribbons, Rewinders, Bar Code Optical Readers and Packing and Promotional Tapes, all are tools that meet high quality standards in terms of time response, print quality and adhesive.


  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification
  • Environmental Management Certification 14001
  • Certification Management of Social Responsibility INTE G35
  • C-Neutral Country Program
  • Country Brand Essential Costa Rica

Contact Information


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