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  • Corporate name: Distribuidora Florex Centroamericana S.A.
  • Trade name: FLOREX

Company Profile

FLOREX is a Central American company of Costa Rican capital, a regional leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of cleaning solutions to improve the quality of life of people in households and institutions. Currently manufactures over 80 high performance and high quality, biodegradable products, with a cycle of sustainable living with the environment under design methodology for sustainability, which focuses on creating value throughout the product life-cycle management; from extraction of raw materials, continuing through manufacturing processes, packaging, distribution, consumer use and finally disposal of packaging and product waste. Florex also provides specialized advisory services with high-level professionals.



FLOREX is the perfect partner for responsible consumption, quality and savings. It will also be taking care of your health, since the products are hypoallergenic and made withnon-toxic components that do not cause diseases. By using environmentally friendly products it contributes to improving the quality of life of the family without contaminating. We have dishwashers, detergents, softeners, degreasers and biotechnology products for water treatment, among others.


FLOREX is a relevant ally for those organizations that are concerned about maintaining their work and transit spaces in optimal hygienic conditions, while also taking care of the health of their employees, while also being interested in reducing their ecological footprint. Our products collaborate in obtaining excellent results at an environmental and economic level due to their high quality.


The specialized line of environmentally friendly products guarantees efficiency and quality, accompanied by a personalized service for each client. FLOREX offers cleaning solutions for the kitchen, laundry and other areas of interest in the sector. The products include dishwashers, multi-purpose and multi-surface cleaners, deodorants, waxes, degreasers, detergent disinfectants, among others.


FLOREX has the full range of products and dispensing equipment and dispensers that are required to achieve clean and in good condition, such as stain removers, detergents and softeners. It also provides advice and technical maintenance of the equipment, to cover and supply all the specific needs.


The cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces that have been in contact with organic matter represents an essential aspect in the fight against bacterial and viral diseases, and allows to guarantee the healthiness and innocuousness of the food. FLOREX puts at your disposal a wide range of chemical products, equipment and services designed for the correct cleaning and disinfection of facilities in food industries.


The control of nosocomial infections is a concern in the health area, so cleaning and disinfection are very important procedures to reduce the risks due to the proliferation of pathogens. FLOREX offers a line of innovative solutions that ensure the reduction and control of nosocomial infections, disinfection for critical, semi-critical and non-critical materials, and the specialized laundry of clothes and other fabrics used in medical care.


Certification B company (certified by B Lab International)

Certification INTE ISO 9001, (Quality Management)

Certification INTE ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)

Certification INTE (C-Neutrality)

Certification B Lab International

Certification Kosher Parve for the Orthodox Rabbinate of Costa Rica (more than 20 products)

Certification HALAL by the Muslim Cultural Center of Costa Rica (more than 20 products)

Ecological Blue Flag Award, category ''Climate Change'' 5 stars 

Certified Essential Costa Rica

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