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  • Corporate name: Productora y Exportadora de Frutas y Verduras FRUVER S.A
  • Trade name: FRUVER 

Company Profile

Productora y Exportadora de Frutas y Verduras FRUVER S.A, located in the Legua de Pital, San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica takes its first steps in cultivating pineapple in December 2002.
FRUVER S.A. Is a company in charge of the commercialization of fresh and dehydrated pineapple for export and pineapple for industry, which are distributed inside and outside the country, to markets such as North America, Central America, Asia and as the main destination for sale in Europe.

The purpose of the company is to establish a commitment to produce pineapple variety MD2 with responsibility to create a safe and reliable environment for its customers, for this reason FRUVER S.A. has decided to adopt the management of a sustainable development through the assurance of the safety of the fruit, the care of the environment and the welfare of its workers counting on different certifications like ISO 14001, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED, KOSHER, TESCO, HACCP, essential Coast Rica, GLOBAL GAP, Enabling responsible supply chains-Sedex.


Fresh Pineapple
With high quality standards, the fresh pineapple always maintains that pleasant fragrant and juicy pulp, with its sweet and sour taste that many like.
It is sold to different markets according to the needs of each client.
Dehydrated Pineapple
Completely natural and with high quality standards, it is a gourmet product that meets the expectations of the most demanding markets. During the production process the characteristics of the fresh pineapple are maintained, and the dehydration process is carried out through ovens with hot air, free of preservatives, additives and sugar to guarantee a product designed for the convenience, health and well-being of the customers .
Sold in bulk and individually (in slices, pieces and flowers 100% natural).

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