• Corporate name:  Grupo Pozuelo & PRO, S.A.
  • Trade name:  Grupo PRO

Company Profile

Grupo PRO is a company engaged in the production and sale of snacks and nuts. It was born in 1997 as a quality option for good-snack lovers, with all the traditionally known  characteristics of these snacks, an excellent crunch and a distinct taste to accompany our parties and activities.

Grupo Pro is special because it is in the hands of Costa Ricans who are passionate and committed to making their products the top choice in the national and international markets for their excellent quality, and positioning Costa Rica in a prominent place before the eyes of the world.

The company operates under the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices and, today, it is in the process to be certified with Standard FSSC 22000. Additionally, it is certified Essential Costa Rica.


PRO Plantain Chips

PRO plantains are harvested in our farms to guarantee excellent quality, and after their process, they maintain their extraordinary, fresh taste and characteristic crunch.

A delicious snack with special nutritional properties that make it a perfect snack, free of gluten and Trans fats.

PRO Cassava Chips

Pro cassavas are harvested in Costa Rican land as a guarantee of quality and freshness, together with its enjoyable flavor. It is a delicious snack, free of gluten and Trans fats, with special nutritional properties that make it a perfect choice. They are an exotic variation of the way our forerunners traditionally used to eat them.

Roasted Peanuts

Peanuts are an excellent choice for a perfect snack as they are a significant source of nutrients, which gives us a sense of fullness.

It is free of gluten, Tran’s fats and sodium. Additionally, it is a great source of energy.


FSSC 22000

Essential Costa Rica

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