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  • Corporate name: Lisan S.A.
  • Trade name: Laboratorios Lisan

Company Profile

Lisan is a Costa Rican pharmaceutical laboratory that was founded in 1980 with the aim of solving the health needs of the population offering drugs of excellent pharmaceutical quality at affordable prices.

In Lisan S.A we carefully select our suppliers, giving priority to suppliers premises that have plans for environmental, economic and social sustainability and that wish to specialize in the improvement of quality and chemical and microbiological safety; with the objective of collaborate with the social and economic development of the country and ensure a positive impact on the environment.

Currently the laboratory has 3 divisions: generic products, veterinary products and natural products.


Generics: the generic division has 36 products in the categories of Antiviral-Antifungal- Antiparasitic- Antibiotics, Allergy, Pain Management, Hypertension, Erectile Dysfunction, Respiratory Diseases and Digestive Tract Diseases.

Veterinary: the veterinary division has 25 products in the categories of Antibiotics-Antifungals- Antiparasitic, Analgesic, Antiallergic, Therapeutic Shampoos, Vitamins and Digestive Tract Diseases.

Natural: the natural products and supplements division Lisanatura is born in order to respond to the increasing market demand for new health solutions formulated based on medicinal plants grown in Costa Rica. There are two lines of natural products: Human Line and Veterinary Line.


ISO 9001-2015.

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