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  • Corporate Name: Balatana S.A / TMF Agro S.A
  • Trade Name: Sura Green Products

Company Profile

Sura Green Products is a 100% CostaRican capital company dedicated to producing, packing and selling fresh banana.

We began in 1988 with the aim of offering the consumer a product of excellent quality, with the commitment of taking care of the environment and our people, which are the basis for attaining our objectives.

We have 700 hectares with banana plantations of the Cavendish varietydistributed in two farms located in the Atlantic region of the country, and 169 hectares of secondary forest.

Our experience of more than 25 years in the agricultural market constitutes our main quality seal.


Fresh banana

Our fruit meets the highest quality requirements of our customers. We have top Premium, First and Second quality fruit.

Our brands are:

  • Rana Banana: Premium Fruit
  • Chango: First Quality Fruit
  • Iguana Banana: Second Quality Fruit

Packing: Corrugated cardboard boxes for 18.14 kg and 13.5 kg net.

Number of boxes per container: Depending of the client’s needs, it is possible to stow from 960 to 1080 palletized boxes of 18.14 kg,and 1540 non-palletized boxes of 13.5 kg net per container.


Rain Forest Alliance

Global GAP

Green House Verification

Contact Information

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