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  • Corporate Name: Feilo Sylvania Costa Rica
  • Trade Name: SYLVANIA

Company Profile

More than 90 years of experience

SYLVANIA is a leading global company in design, manufacturing and lighting solutions in the professional and residential field with more than 90 years of experience in lamps and luminaires, backed by capital Feilo from Shanghai and with global operations, we continue to revolutionize the industry through our innovative products that reduce the impact on the environment and allow great energy savings at the same time.

We are present in more than 20 countries in Latin America and it is through our subsidiaries that we can reach all regional markets in the electricity sector, and offer them products. We have different brands such as Lumiance, Syltech and Concord, which offer specialized products for different niche markets, with the same quality and support.

We illuminate the region: Our project team has a multidisciplinary team of professionals between engineers and architects and technicians, who intend to provide specialized lighting service who accompany the clients during their design, construction and installation process. Projects; collaborating directly in the feedback of novel product, monitoring, updating of technologies, functionality, energy saving and its uses, to be able to offer you better alternatives in your current or future projects in each of the processes, preliminary project, specification, installation and post sale.

Through high quality and trustworthy service we wish to provide customers with all the support they need for the success of their projects in lighting matters.


Residential: Decorative line, downlights, light bulbs, LED panels.

Roads and verticals: Roads, parking lots, public spaces, adapted to the region's infrastructure, solar panels, metal pipelines, control and automation systems, alternative energies.

Retail, commercial and industrial: Hardware lines, mass consumption, gadgets, offices, shops, ergonomic solutions, variety in installation, industrial warehouses, warehouses, special applications, variety of optics.

International Certifications


Contact Information

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