• Corporate name: Turrones de Costa Rica S.A
  • Trade name: Turrones Doré

Company Profile

Turrones de Costa Rica S.A. was established in 1987. It is a leading company in the production and sale of nougats and sweets in Costa Rica. Its business policy is based on the sustained positioning of its brands over time.Today, the company emphasizes the nutritional content and safety ofthe products it manufactures.It has changed the tradition of consuming nougat only duringthe Christmas season, to make it part of the consumer’s regular diet.It carefully and constantly selects best quality ingredients to meet the most demanding expectations. The company is characterized by continued improvement, excellence, sustainability, waste reduction, and social responsibility.


Doré Premium Nougats
Nougats manufactured with export Macadamia nuts, California almonds and selected roasted tasteful peanuts. The brand Dorémaintains its original recipe of the semi-hard nougat, with an exclusive and exquisite flavor to be enjoyed on any occasion.These are premium nougats due to their high quality characteristics in presentations of 200 grams in 36 unit boxes.

Doré Assorted Nougats
Four varieties of nougats in a box: macadamia, choco-peanuts, peanuts and choco-almonds. Its great appeal lies on the variety of flavors and in the small presentations to facilitate consumption. Presentations of 10 grs in 16 unit boxes.

Doré Sugar-free Nougats
Its fine and distinctive presentation attracts sweet lovers, who can enjoy, guilt-free, a delicious nougat made with premium ingredients that will allow them taste a sugar-free sweet.The varieties offered are peanuts, almond, and macadamia. Presentations of 10grs in 15 unit boxes, and 160 grs in a 24 unit master box.

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