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  • Corporate name: Upala Agrícola S.A.
  • Trade name: Upala Agrícola

Company Profile  

Upala Agrícola is an agroindustrial company with leadership in the production, packaging and commercialization of fresh pineapple. We are located in the north of the country, in the canton of Upala, Alajuela, where in more than 2,000 hectares, our activity is carried out with high standards of excellence, environmental harmony and corporate social responsibility. We incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a policy within the business strategy, in order to guarantee a better quality of life for our employees and neighboring communities. For this reason, we actively support our projects in improving infrastructure in schools, repairing the road network, recreation programs and environmental education. Through programs of recycling, reforestation and conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, we reiterate our commitment to be a company that carries out its activities in a framework of sustainable development.


Our product is the fresh pineapple in its variety MD2 GOLD, known as Golden Pineapple, which is characterized by its sweetness, aroma and juiciness, as well as a yellow color and a creamy texture inside. The size of our pineapples varies from 4 to 10, according to weight classification. In order to have a more direct contact with the final consumer, we have developed our own brand: UPALA GOLD, which we have positioned in the hand of customers who have seen an opportunity to increase their product portfolio, with the incursion of A brand of excellent quality. Currently, UPALA GOLD has presence in markets like Turkey and Spain, mainly.


The fulfillment of national and international obligations and requirements for the production and commercialization of pineapple, together with our commitment to responsible and sustainable production, has generated in Upala Agrícola, a certification process, which recognizes the high levels of quality And safety of our product. Currently, we have the following certifications:

  • ISO 14001-2004: Good environmental practices. Certified by LSQA.
  • GLOBAL GAP: Good farming practices. Certified by LSQA.
  • Harvest Crew: Good practices in procedures related to fruit harvesting. Certified by PRIMUS LAB.
  • Rain Forest Alliance: Conservation of biodiversity and environmental, social and economic sustainability. Certified by Rainforest Alliance.
  • BRC Standard: Food safety. Certified by British Retail Consortium.
  • Ecological Blue Flag: Commitment to community work, conservation and protection of natural resources. Certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).
  • Carbon Neutrality (C-Neutral): Balance between the quantification of the emissions of greenhouse gases and the actions of reduction, removal and compensation of these gases. Certified by the Technical Standards Institute of Costa Rica (INTECO).
  • Essential COSTA RICA: Competitiveness through the 5 values ​​of the country brand: excellence, social progress, innovation, Costa Rican origin and sustainability. Certified by the Promoter of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica (PROCOMER).

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